Select social media account and please use your LinkedIn profile
(easier to remember login and provides future link opportunities):

One final step: validate your email –
You’ll see an email from First Illinois to validate your email within a few minutes
(if you don’t see it right away, please remember to check your spam).

IDEATION – view, post ideas, etc

Either select Join the Conversation at the tabs on the top or click through the banner.

Once you enter one of the conversations, you’ll see activity is already posted.
You can add comments as well as post new ideas.

To Post an Idea – just click into one of the discussions and click on Post an Idea, it’s that simple!

There is help in 2 places (also with screen shots) found here –anything you need is here.
You should find this super intuitive and very similar to what you’re already used to with social apps.

Your participation and contribution are greatly appreciated!